Flavourly Craft Beer Delivery Box Review | Flavourly Voucher Code Inside!

Flavourly Craft Beer Delivery Box Review | Flavourly Voucher Code Inside!

Subscription boxes seem to be all the rage these days. Often these are poorly thought out entrepreneurial endeavours that fall flat on their faces as they severely underestimate the demand for a product to be delivered on a recurring basis.

This doesn’t seem to be the case (excuse the pun) for Flavourly, whose craft beer delivery box received and turned down  4 offers on Dragons Den

Since then they’ve gone from strength to strength and I was given the opportunity to try one of their boxes this weekend. In my spare time I like to brew beer kits – I’m not a novice to beer but I’m certainly not a pro either.

Flavourly Club Craft Beer Delivery Pre- Unboxing

The first thing that will strike you when opening the Flavourly box is the sheer quality of everything involved, the design on the exterior of the box is tasteful yet playful and is similar to the style of design on most craft beer labels. 

Flavourly Beer Delivery | Craft Beer Information

Upon opening the material within the box was very informative, describing the subtleties of each beer. But the spotlight isn’t just on the beer, it also describes the brewer and where it was brewed. I was given a mixed beer box, so I had a delicious mix between light and dark beers. 

SAM_1056 Here’s what the full contents of the box looked like. It’s a huge amount of things for £20! (Even less if you sign up on a long term monthly package and use the Flavourly voucher code at the bottom of this page) The level of detail to this delivery box would make it perfect for a craft beer veteran or someone just getting into it. 

The addition of a glass and bottle opener were great! They really took the box to the next level for me and I expect both to get a great deal of use over the summer. 

What goes with craft beer? Craft snacks. Flavourly truly have thought of everything within this box, the snacks included with the box were interesting and not the usual packet of peanuts you’d find with a pint of Carling. 

What I loved about it 

Ticketybrew Rose Wheat Beer | Flavourly Voucher Code At Bottom of post! The attention to detail was amazing and the sheer volume of information regarding the beer was spot on. I also developed a real soft spot for one of the beers within the box. The tickety brew rose wheat beer above is brewed in Manchester and definitely one to try if you want to try something a bit different.  

It also cuts out the guesswork of figuring out which type of craft beers you like, so no more supping on experimental pints in pubs and hating what you’ve bought. For me it firmly concreted that I favour light beers. 

The delivery time was also excellent, it was sent out on Wednesday and arrived on Friday of the same week. Just in time for a barbecue on the Saturday! 

What I didn’t like

To be perfectly honest, I didn’t dig the snacks. I’m not much of a fan of cheddar crisps in general  and the nut kernels were a little bit weird. But these are subjective opinions based on taste and the snacks won’t stay the same with each box. 

Would I buy this box?

In an instant, Flavourly is the way forward for craft beer! You can also give it as a gift to someone… I know what any of my friend’s will be getting for their birthdays…


Head over to Flavourly Craft Beer Club and when asked for a Flavourly voucher code enter James12, this will get you £12 off your first box! 


Disclaimer: I was given a box to review by Flavourly, all opinions in regards to this product are unbiased and  were not skewed by being given a box for free.