Food Hacks With Foxy Bingo

After a long blogging hiatus, The Healthy Hangover is back. To celebrate a return to blogging we’ve put together a fun treat for you all with Foxy Bingo. We provided our friends over at Foxy with the food hacks section of their new random life tip generator. Great examples of the food hacks included within the article would be genius uses for grapes, healthy alternatives to ice cream and the lesser known secret technique to find out if your avocado really is ripe (And avoid being thrown out of the supermarket for over-eager avocado fondling)

Here’s an example of the food hacks below, delivered in Foxy’s classic northern dialect:

Displaying Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 15.00.20.png

But it’s not just food hacks, the random life tip generator can also generate life, love and other domestic tips so you’ll be living a better happier life in no time.This life hack generator was created in conjunction with their rebrand wherein Heather Graham has been revealed as the new face of their business meaning there are lots of new exciting announcements from the brand going ahead. Alongside the content for the food hacks generator, I also wrote a summary of where the spice cinnamon comes from, the benefits and negatives of eating it.

Displaying Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 15.07.19.png

 So if you’re ready to learn all about Cinnamon and learn some sweet life hacks head over to Foxy’s random life tip generator by clicking here