"How to have a healthy hangover" - Guardian Article

“How to have a healthy hangover” – Guardian Article

It’s been a bit of a busy start to the year, but an incredibly fruitful one. An article I pitched to the Guardian in October was published to their website!

I thought the article was going to be published just within the student section, but it was published to the front page and was the number one article within the food section (Not bad for a romanticised egg & chips!) 

The article questions why people get takeaways when they’re hungover – surely it’d make much more sense both for your health and for your wallet to knock something together in the kitchen. I do understand on the most horrific of hangovers, wherein every step makes your nauseous, that the thought of crawling to the stove wouldn’t be very appealing.  

But when it’s the case of going one or two pints over there’s nothing more productive then getting your cook on is essential hangover rehabilitation. 

It was a huge surprise to say the least and the influx of traffic was a bit of a surprise! (But a great surprise  to wake up to, I thought it was a glitch at first)

Some of the comments on the article aren’t particularly positive or constructive – but y’know, haters gonna hate.

But don’t take it from me, James Franco raises some points on the matter;


But enough blowing my own trumpet, If you’d like to read the article click here