the money shot baked feta cheese

Baked Chilli Feta & Pittas – “Come Dine below the Line” recipe

I’m always one for a culinary challenge, this recipe was It’s part of the MyVoucherCodes / The Hunger Project “Come dine below the line” campaign. In return for a £40 donation to the The Hunger project I was tasked with the creation of a recipe that is below 33p a head!

Check this video out for more information on ‘Come dine below the line’

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The challenge within this campaign as mentioned is that the recipe has to be below 33p a head.  The price allowance is dependent on the number of people. So, for example, if you were cooking for two, you’d have a budget of 66p, if you were cooking for 10, you’d have a budget of £3.30. This recipe was created with 4 people in mind – so my overall budget was £1:32. 

Initially I was left scratching my head, but a visit to Asda gave me a burst of inspiration. I found my muse within the dairy aisle, it didn’t have fanciest packaging but you should never judge a book by it’s cover;

  Greek style salad cheese asda

The name almost sounds comical. ‘Greek style salad cheese’  is only 75p!  With that in mind I got to think about preparation methods and decided to bake it in with chilli to help this budget block of dairy reach it’s full potential.

You’ll need something to bake the chilli in for this recipe I used parchment paper as it was the only thing I had to hand – for this you could also use foil (I’m sure you have either knocking around the house, if not you could bake it in a casserole dish or a pan with a lid. 


Baked Chillli Feta Ingredients / Cost Breakdown

 1 block of Feta / Greek Style Salad Cheese – 75p divided by 4 = 18.75 per head 

1  chilli (of pack of 6)  45p divided by 6 = 7.5p  divided by 4 = 1.8 p per head

4 pita breads (from pack of 6) 49 divided by 6 = 8p per head 

Sprinkle of coriander from garden herbs  = 0p 

1 tsp oil (This on was annoying) 1tsp = 5 millilitres my olive oil is £0.35/100ml meaning £0.35 / 20  so 0.01p (Missed out as negligible and maths sucks)

 Overall my shoddy probably inaccurate calculations costed this around 28p per head (well below the 33p boundary, even if oil and herb cost were included) 


baked chilli and big bowl of pitta breads



Baked Chilli Feta Instructions

1. Turn your oven up to 180c

2. Deseed and slice the chilli 

3. Drain the greek style salad cheese of water 

4. Cut some parchment paper or foil large enough that it covers the feta when folded 

5. Put 1tsp of olive oil on the feta package, put your sliced chillies on top- then scrunch up the sides and toss in the oven

6. Bake at 180c for 10 minutes

7. Turn oven up to 200c and uncover the feta package, bake for a further 10 mins until browned

8. Toast up some pitta breads.

9. Garnish the feta with some chopped up coriander.

10.Tear and share with friends!