This is a photo of the finished dish

Aubergine Pizza Stacks

Aubergine Pizza Stacks
Serves 2
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Prep Time
40 min
Cook Time
35 min
Total Time
1 hr 15 min
Prep Time
40 min
Cook Time
35 min
Total Time
1 hr 15 min
For the base
  1. 1 aubergine
  2. Salt
  3. Mixed Herbs
For the sauce
  1. Passata
  2. 3 cloves of garlic
  3. Handful of sliced olives
  4. Handful of sliced mushrooms
  1. Fresh basil
  2. Mozzarella Ball
Adapted from Julia's Kitchen
Adapted from Julia's Kitchen
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A healthy alternative to takeaway pizza, guaranteed to get you out of an alcohol induced slump. Also not ‘too healthy’ – perfect to get rid of those hangover cravings.


Arrange all of your ingredients into one area, this is particularly important when hungover as your mental facilities will be sadly lacking.
This is all of the ingredients you will require for this recipe

Next cut the top and bottom of your aubergine, so you have a much more regular shape to work with. Cut the aubergine equally into pieces around 1/2 inch wide (Don’t make them too thin or they will go soggy)

Image 2

From there, liberally salt your aubergine pieces and wrap in a clean dishcloth – this is too remove the moisture and improve the texture. Leave them for 30 minutes for the optimum amount of moisture to be removed.
Image 3
Whilst waiting for the aubergines, dice some garlic. Then add the olive oil to a pan over a low heat (Do not brown the oil, just get it warm enough to add some flavour
Image 4
Next add your passata and turn up the heat to reduce it to a less saucy consistency
Image 5

Whilst waiting for the aubergine to dry up and the sauce to reduce, take this time to slice up your remaining ingredients and check nightclub Facebook pages for incriminating photographs.
Image 6
Add the olives and mushrooms to the sauce to make it a little bit chunkier, how many you add is up to you and your consistency preferences.
Image 7

Whilst you prepared the sauce, the salt will have worked it’s magic on the aubergines and they should have lost a lot of water – use the clean tea towel to blot off this water and rub off the salt.

Next, brush your aubergines with a mixture of olive oil and mixed herbs, then roast in the oven at 190° for 25 minutes (any longer and they will lose their shape)

Image 8

Whilst they are roasting, you could use this time to power nap or neck a pint of water. Once the 30 mins has elapsed take the roasted aubergine out of the oven and put your shredded basil on top.
Image 9

After adding your basil, add your tomato sauce (feel free to be very liberal with it, I was)
Image 10

In our penultimate step, you will be required to add your shredded mozzarella – once again feel free to add as much as you want.
Image 11

Finally, but the fully prepared stacks under the grill to melt/brown the cheese on top – some water may come out at this stage, but that’s completely normal (since we’re dealing with a very wet vegetable afterall) Once the cheese is browned remove from the oven and serve as you want – you can either share them with your house-mates or devour the whole stack, I’d recommend garnishing with a few torn basil leaves as well just so you can pretend you’re a celebrity chef.

I hope you enjoy your aubergine pizza stacks. Best of luck with the rest of your hangover.
This is a photo of the finished dish