Nosh for Students - Joy May - Cookbook Review

  I remember the first time my parents dropped me off for my first year of  university, due to the accommodation crisis at my university I was relegated to a private house outside of town

Prawn and avocado chilli salad

Another avocado post, I’m not addicted to them. I can stop anytime I want. Honest. This prawn and avocado salad is incredibly simple, filling and a real treat.  

Mexican Chicken and Avocado Wrap

Avocados truly are the holy grail, capable of making the most simple of dishes extraordinary. Believe me, this recipe is so simple you could make it whilst still drunk.   

Raspberry and Banana imitation 'Ice Cream'

That’s right! I’m back with a delicious dessert recipe for you guys, except it’s not quite what it seems…

Waiter with a hangover

It’s happened to the best of us, this post will detail how to survive a hangover at work (for those waiting tables)

10 tips on how to survive a hangover

Right, so let’s level with each other straight away – There’s absolutely no way to negate the effects of a hangover completely.  The only option you have, is to grit your teeth and get on with it. But between me…

Anchovy & Red Jalapeño Pizza

The basic pizza crust can be pre made & frozen, ideal for when you’re cooking for a large group of friends. Why bother with takeout?

Chorizo, green chilli & onion hash

  This is a quick recipe that’s all about timings! Be sure to have your stopwatch handy if you’re feeling a bit worse for wear. Forwarded to me by Charlie Brown

Spring Onion Scrambled Eggs & Avocado on toast

This is a very simple scrambled eggs spring onion recipe that can be knocked up in the worst of states, particularly good to impress any guests that may have stayed over.

Easy Frittata Recipe (Sweet onion, spinach & feta)

  A breakfast or lunchtime treat without the stress of having to fold an omelette or deal with pastry for a quiche. Recipe passed on by my good friend Molly Green, a very easy frittata recipe!